Gratitude Practice

Hey guys! Let’s talk gratitude.

One of the most beneficial tools I learned in 2018 was to practice daily gratitude. I adjust my gratitude practice depending on the season I am in and what my current needs are. 

Here is my current gratitude practice:

  • Put distractions aside-No phones allowed.
  • Find a comfortable and quiet place

Now for the FUN stuff.

PART 1: I typically do my gratitude practice in the morning before work. I write down 10 things I am grateful for reflecting on the day before. I try to be as specific as possible and not pick obvious things like “home, family, work”, because even though I am grateful for that I need to find gratitude in the small things as well. Some examples are anything from:

  • Kombucha- because it’s healthy and for some reason makes me extremely happy
  • Being able to move my body- either by dancing or working out- hello endorphins!
  • Or simply having access to clean water

PART 2: I visualize and organize my day as if it already happened. Examples:

  • Today I woke up at 4AM and killed my workout.
  • Met up with a friend after work, had delicious food, and we laughed a TON! It felt so good to see her.
  • Took a dance class and WOW! I’m still feeling the energy.
  • Went to sleep at 9PM and had good dreams.

Of course, life happens and my days don’t always go as I had visualized but this sets an intention to have an exceptional day. Just be graceful with yourself when life throws you a curveball- and roll with it.

PART 3: Dream for the future. I write down one thing that I want to accomplish. This can be one attainable goal for that week, a few months out, or even long term (anything goes, these are YOUR dreams!). Examples can be anything from having “financial freedom” to having a self-care evening next Thursday. 

I know it seems like a lot but this only takes me 20-30 minutes. It should not be a source of stress but rather feeling a sense of peace when you’re done. Have fun with it!



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