Let’s Get Physical

I’ve always been fairly “thin” but for many years I struggled with negative self-image, body shame and had a distorted relationship with food.   

For years, I was working out because I hated my body and only aiming for a physical result. This caused me to dread working out and created too much guilt around eating.

Today I’ll be sharing my current perspective on working out/eating and how I got there. I am still learning to love all parts of me. It’s been a long journey and didn’t get to where I am now from one day to the next, so if you are struggling with similar issues, know that you are not alone and be patient with yourself.

Ongoing practice towards self-love ♥

  1. Words Of Affirmation– this played a huge role in my self-confidence and body positivity. You can find lists of affirmations on Pinterest and hang them where you can see them every day. You can also create your own to make it even more personal and say them out loud. It might feel weird at first, but trust me, this practice is life changing.
  2. Unfollow Accounts That Make You Feel Bad – I started deleting all social media accounts that didn’t make me feel good about myself. I am not saying bikini/fitness models are bad (get it babes!) I was just not on the right mindset to expose myself to that content. If an account is not motivating you to be a better YOU, stop following them.
  3. Journaling– Setting time to write down my feelings helped me feel calmer and learn things about myself. Even just setting 5 minutes to put your feelings down on paper once a week can help you better understand yourself.
  4. Find Workouts That You Enjoy – I started looking for workouts that I enjoy so much, I start craving them- (ex. cardio dance)- there are so many different types of fitness classes, online programs, even workouts on Youtube! Choose what feels good for you and do that!
  5. Mute Other’s Opinions – Don’t let other’s opinions have weight on your life. Choose what makes you happy and be yourself. The people who matter will accept you for YOU ♥ “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” ― Dita Von Teese.
  6. Eating intuitively – This is the closest to the type of eating “plan” I am following. Restrictive diets have never worked for me- I end up binging from feeling restricted for too long. You can find plenty of information on “Intuitive Eating” online. Ultimately, do your research and choose the eating plan that works for you. What may work for me might not work for you.
  7. Surrounding Yourself With A Positive Tribe – Having positive people around you is vital! It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with so choose wisely. Surround yourself with people who motivate, support and inspire you ♥

Fitness journeys are unique and you have to find what feels right for you! Try different things, if it serves you then keep it. If it doesn’t: on to the next! We live in a time where we have access to everything with the click of a button. Take advantage of all the knowledge we have around us and use it for good. I would love to hear about your fitness journey and what you’ve learned along the way.   

Remember, you are beautiful! ♥♥



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