How To Stay Consistent

I don’t rely on motivation because motivation is not always there. Most of my workouts are at 4:00 AM due to my work schedule and commute to work, so I have to set myself up for success to have a productive workout week. Commitment > Motivation

What helps me stay consistent:

  1. Know your WHY – Ask yourself why you want to workout/move your body. Now I workout because I love how it makes me feel after (oh, hello endorphins ♥)
  2. Go to sleep early to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I go to sleep between 8:30 PM- 9:00 PM. You can adjust your sleep hours + morning workout to your schedule and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep
  3. Prepare your workout clothes for the week I prepare all of my workout clothes on Sunday so I have one less decision to make when I wake up
  4. Have your gym bag ready (water, resistance bands, sliders, headphones)
  5. Follow the 5-second rule As soon as my alarm goes off I get up. If I stay in bed I will probably talk myself out of my workout
  6. Pick workouts that challenge you, but still enjoy Change it up once in a while. Try a new class, go on a hike, try a new workout on Youtube
  7. Apple Watch serves as motivation as I am able to track calories burned and share my activity with others (support/accountability is the best♥)

How do you stay consistent?



4 thoughts on “How To Stay Consistent

  1. This is so true! Accountability is one of my biggest things. I am a competitive person in nature and the apple watch let’s me compete with others and even myself! I always want to do more than the previous day. I like the way you describe “making one less decision in the morning” because everything can go against you when you’re tired! I love morning workouts, but now I have to motify my routine for the evening due to my life alterations (puppies hmmm) so I need motivation to work after work!! I would love your support ♥️

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