Evening Routine

Having a consistent evening routine has helped with my sleep quality. I struggle with all sorts of sleep issues so I try to stick to this routine as much as I can. Here is my current evening routine:

When I am short on time:

  • Spray Bed With Essential Oils I like using the Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist from Bath & Body Works
  • Magnesium Supplement I recently added this to my routine but only take it when I’m feeling restless
  • Meditate For about 3-5 minutes using Insight Timer. This app has over 15,000 meditations to choose from, free courses on how to improve your meditation practice and you can view who is meditating with you from all over the world, very cool!
  • Sleep Tracking App I use Sleep Cycle App.This App tracks your sleep and goes off when it’s most likely that you’ll feel rested. It has two motion detection modes to analyze your movement while you sleep and will generate a graph reflecting your sleep waves. One of my favorite things about this app is that it blocks all incoming notifications, calls and text messages, therefore, you are not disturbed.

When I have more time, I allow myself to fully immerse in relaxation:

  • Light a candle
  • Take a bubble bath listening to relaxing music
  • Get into comfy PJs + fuzzy socks
  • Sheet mask and/or Jade Roller
  • Netflix/Hulu + Wine
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Longer Meditation-Since I’m still new to meditation, I aim for 8-10 minutes
  • Sleep Spray
  • Sleep Cycle App

What does your evening routine look like?

Happy snoozing,


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